Cooling Conflicts is a conflict management programme involving drama education techniques and peer teaching. It is originated in Australia, and has over 10 years of application and research history in the school context. This programme assists students to examine how conflict escalates, teaches them how to manage conflict, empower them to manage their conflicts and to become leaders in conflict management.


  1. Students learn about conflict and bullying management through drama (enhanced forum theatre as the skeleton)
  2. Depending on resources and schools’ needs, the program can expand to peer teaching, ie. senior students (e.g. Secondary 4-6) teach junior students (e.g. Secondary 1-3) through drama about conflict management
**The Cooling Conflicts programme was devised by Griffith University Centre for Applied Theatre in partnership with the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) and in association with the DRACON international research project into drama and conflict, based in the Peace and Development Research Institute in Sweden.  Since 2001, there have been more than 10 schools applying this programme every year.

As we adopt a client-centered approach, we offer tailor-made programs to suit the need of schools.  Please contact us  for further details.



  1. 學生通過論壇劇場認識衝突的成因、如何處理衝突
  2. 按學校的資源和需要,計劃可擴展成以朋輩教學形式讓高中生(如中四至中六)教初中生(如中一至中三)處理衝突和欺凌,賦予學生使命感