Drama contributes to personal, language, social and moral developments of students, and serves as an effective means to nurture their creativity. Through drama, students can learn the curricular subjects with an interactive, in-depth and creative approach. We plan and teach the curricula such as English, Chinese, History, Life & Society, General studies and Liberal Studies (eg. local poverty and social juctice). We also provide seminar, training and coaching program for teacher to introduce and implement Drama-in-Education in their curriculum.

Selected schools we served

  • Tak Nga Secondary School
    Integration of Global Citizenship Education, Drama Education and Language Education in Junior Secondary Life and Society Curriculum
  • Man Kiu Association Primary School
    Teaching Chinese in drama and through drama for non-Chinese students

As we adopt a client-centered approach, we offer tailor-made programs to suit the need of schools.  Please contact us  for further details.

戲劇作為教學法能培育學生的個人、語言及道德發展,亦是培育創意的有效途徑,對學科有更互動、深入的學習。 我們可設計及運用戲劇教育教學法教授不同學科,包括英文科、中文科、小學常識科(例如本地貧窮、糧食及兒童權利)、中學通識教育科(例如本地貧窮、社會公義)。我們亦為教師提供工作坊、培訓、以及指導,協助教師了解及實習如何運用戲劇教育法。


  • 德雅中學
  • 閩僑小學