Many participants came to our programs with this comment.  But very often, they gradually realize that they are natural performers when they are brought back to their memories, individual or collective.  Our body not only “remember” and re-enact our life in the past, it also displays our perception of the world around us.  This is an important rationale we adopt drama education as an important element of our programs:

  • Drama is about life stories, and our body contains our memories of the past and imagination for future.
  • It is always safe to discuss thoughts and opinion, explore human relationship and issues in family, workplace and society in and through drama.
  • We can “rehearse” our new suggestions or decisions in dramas, and get immediate feedback, which will facilitate our decision and strategy making to be more humanized and empathetic.

Here we hope to share the case studies of some of our training / workshop in details below:


  • 生活就是故事,身體帶著記憶,戲劇是生活的回顧與想像
  • 戲劇讓人在一個很安全的環境去探索人與人之間的關係,深入了解家庭、工作間、或社會的狀況
  • 在戲劇中,人們將心中的想法作嘗試或預演,並即時得到回應,有助作出人性化的行為及全面的決定。